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Simple & Quick

  • 1. Register on
  • 2. Register on PayPal
  • 3. List product
  • 4. Buyer makes a purchase
  • 5. Product Shipped to buyer
  • 6. Money credited in PayPal. We secure the payment. Once the item has been received by the buyer, the payment is processed.

Process of Business

1. Snap It

Take at least 2 photos with different angles with good, natural lighting. Highlight anything you think makes your item special, as well as any scratches or other marks.

2. List It

Write a quick, interesting, informative description of your goods, e.g. Designer, Material, Embroidered, Colour, Printed etc. Any defects?

3. Sell It: £ GBP

4. Ship it:

We recommend using a courier company or Recorded Royal Mail service in the UK, with a tracking number.

Make an Offer

Buyers can make price offers. Be open to these offers, as they allow you to sell faster.

You also have the possibility to make a price offer to users who have made a comment on your item.


Business sellers: FREE Listing

You pay 15% of final price (including postage) to cover Admin & Marketing costs.

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4. Choose “Sell it now”
5.Get ready to ship it once it is sold.

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